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Mudestra's repertoire of classical Neapolitan songs

represents the aura of the mediterranean awareness of life,  

an expression of a love of life, as well as life's sorrows.

The songs talk about loving and leaving,

the sea and the home,

and the large and small problems of living together.

  The character of the songs requires a small ensemble 

– a voice – a mandolin – a guitar –

you can hear the street sounds of Naples.

The sound of the tenor, 

enhanced by a chamber arrangement,

emphasizes lyrics with an easy

and  sometimes ironic undertone.

You can feel lamentation and longing 

woven in the melodies.

The rhythmic sequences represent the pulse of southern life.

The stringed instruments form a carpet of sound

in which the voice embeds itself.

                                They interact  like the daily interplay between the

                                sun and the sea…..

Songs from Napoli

Canzoni napoletane